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Tantra is an eastern word for sexual energetic power. This power has been oppressed and shamed for fear of its greatness. Sexual energy is your birthright. It is the most powerful energy in existence and the same power that created you. You are sexual energy! Lack of sexual energy is the culprit to illness and disease both physically and mentally. Time to reclaim that power for …

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In addition to the above-listed features in the Tantric Training for Couples, the 2-hour Tantra For Gay Couples session teaches specific techniques and information for same-sex tantra. Learning how to work with a blend of male energy or energy is uniquely different than heterosexual tantric

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In ancient time’s male sexual energy was celebrated and worshipped in Tantra Temples. Following is a symbol of the Shiva Lingam with such reverence. In today’s western culture, men feel attacked simply for being men. Women fear this sacred lingam as they don’t regarded it sacred any more. Book a Lingam Massage View Our Tantric Teacher Courses. Statistics …

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Tantra FrenchEsalem treatment is not a massage like any other, it allows you to discover points that you do not know about your male sexuality by acting on your sensory emotions to give you a fantastic and unforgettable experience! Relaxing massage of 50 minutes: $ 60.00 with Tantra $ 70.00

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Tantric sex only involves a couple with deep feelings. This can’t be performed as a service because my business doesn’t allow for sexual intercourse. This wonderful spiritual journey beyond body and conscience is meant for lovers and couples that have deep feelings. Do you ever seek a date or establish a romantic relationship with your clients? NO! This never happens in any way. I receive

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Tantric sex or sexual yoga refers to a wide range of practices carried on in Hinduist and Buddhist tantra to exercise sexuality in a ritualized or yogic context, often associated to antinomian or impure elements, like consumption of alcohol, and offerings of impure substances like meat to fierce deities.

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Welcome. Tantra For Awakening’s mission is to help people live more conscious, connected, and juicy lives. It is our pleasure to support you in experiencing more love, joy and freedom in your life and relationships by offering practical tools that are easy to use and give immediate results.

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Sophia began her career as a professional artist in Montreal. Desiring deeper work with people, she moved to BC and became an art therapist, which allowed her to see the effects of life transforming healing using creative modalities. This began her passion and dedication to being a channel and conduit for people to have healing and life fulfillment. Sophia discovered early that …

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The frenchesalem relaxing tantra massage you can relax completely, which will relax your nervous and mental system and then create a vacuum inside. Muscle spasms relax to finally help the lungs to breathe calmly, finally the heart beat will balance throughout this massage therapy frenchesalem. After a few minutes of this touched the brain will think more, he will feel towards …

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Home About About Us About Tantra FAQ Testimonials Connect Services Online Courses Tantra Massage Session Lasya Meditation Tantric Touch Private Tantra Class with Naira Tantra Events & Workshops Yoni Yoga Choose your Therapist. A Choice for Transformation . Português Serviços Yoga e Meditação Massagem Tântrica Cursos de Massagem Tântrica On-Line Aula Privada de Massagem …

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What is Nuru Massage? The word NURU in Japanese means "slippery".The Nuru Massage uses a special gel which is made from deep seaweed and is colourless, tastl

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As of January, 2021, I will no longer be offering session, either in-person or online. These past years have been a fulfilling and rewarding experience, encountering such interesting people, delving into honest conversations about issues for which there are very few places to discuss openly, and providing intentional healing touch, witnessing true transformation in its reception. I

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Michael, Level 1, Montreal. It was beyond my wildest expectations. The facilitators created such a powerful and safe space that allowed for all expressions and different levels of processing for all participants. Highly, highly recommend it to everyone! J.S., Level 1, Montreal. I just left my monkey judgmental mind at the door and stepped into a big alchemical container; with fire, …

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The Tantra Chair ® The Tantra Chair is the original, authentic Kama Sutra Divan designed to vastly enhance your lovemaking experience. Recognized as the world’s most beautiful and functional sex furniture design, The Tantra Chair has been changing the lovemaking experience for forward-thinking couples since 2003.

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Heal from Porn Addiction (from a Sex Positive and Porn Positive perspective) The first hour will be based on learning the 5 Elements of Tantric movement mixed with the five Elements Tantric meditation (while using our yoni balls!!)- we will literally be dancing our meditation! The second hour will be spent learning Tantric practices to connect us more deeply with our sexuality, help us

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After a Tantra massage, many women and men report experiencing a true happiness of the soul and the opening and blossoming of their feminine/masculine spirit, which betters their sex lives exponentially. Male ejaculation is not linked to orgasm, but to the elimination of semen (or energy, the seed of life). The orgasm happens moments before. When the man does not ejaculate, he can have more

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