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The Hydro-Québec home page ( is also the home page of the section for residential customers. It has links to services for them, as well as links to other two sections of the site: the one for business customers and the one describing the company.

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Fuck that. If legacy car companies want to use the network tesla built they can pay them for the privilege. The irony is I think tesla did offer them access under better terms and they refused Counterpoint: I use the Circuit Electrique network (owned by Hydro Quebec) and their infrastructure has been great.

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MONTREAL – After seeing the company’s revenue decline in previous years, Hydro-Quebec’s decision to use a freeze ray to chill the province has resulted in a massive income boost. The ray, which was designed by Dr. Victor Fries in collaboration with a team of evil geniuses from Bombardier, works by firing a concentrated beam of […]

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Hydro-Québec, a provincially owned corporation based in Montréal, is Canadas largest electric utility and, judged by assets ($30.6 billion in 1986), Canadas second largest corporation. More than 95% of its production is from renewable hydroelectricity.First created as a legal entity in 1944, Hydro-Québec did not become a major force until the early 1960s.

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Hydro-Québec is a public utility that manages the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in the Canadian province of Quebec, as well as the export of power to portions of the Northeast United States.. It was established by the Government of Quebec in 1944 from the expropriation of private firms. This was followed by massive investment in hydro-electric …

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Posts Tagged ‘Fuck the Mainstream Media’ The protest of about 150 people started at Square Phillips at around 12:30 to go in front of the offices of Hydro-Quebec (where cops obviously were blocking the doors) by chanting slogans like « North Plan, Death Plan

The MILES solution developed by Hydro-Quebec and CGI is introduced in the United Kingdom. Québec, February 4, 2021. Press Release. Québec moves forward with the large-scale 200 MW Apuiat wind farm project. All of Quebec , February 3, 2021. Press Release. Avoid snow piles near electrical installations.

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just unplug your modem and blame it on your ISP/internet plan or Hydro Quebec. They cant fail you for something that is out of your control. Now they either give you the same exam or they are forced to do more work.

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The MILES solution developed by Hydro-Quebec and CGI is introduced in the United Kingdom. Québec, February 4, 2021. Press Release. Québec moves forward with the large-scale 200 MW Apuiat wind farm project. All news. Follow us on Twitter @hydroquebec

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Voici comment Bob Gratton aperçoit les séparatistes . Un fédéraliste typique, nest-ce pas? ;-P

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The good thing about these meters is that it will allow Hydro-Quebec to implement time-dependent rates. So you can program your dishwasher to start at say 2 AM and pay less. Fuck you Hydro Quebec and thanks for the smart meter. level 2. 1 point · 6 years ago. that sucks. but normally hydro send someone to check your consumption on a

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Hydro-Quebec provides utility services. The Company generates, transmits, and distributes electricity to residential, commercial, institutional, and …

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The provincial government announced the move as state-owned power generator Hydro Quebec QBEC.UL said it has asked the province to limit total power available to …

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